Website design ideas

More emphasis has been laid on creating web pages that would attract the online traffic and jamming them with highly appealing visuals like images and videos. But the important thing is to keep the crowd in once they have landed on a particular website.

One should understand that the text content that you are filling the pages with is what would eventually bring in the paying customers. Don’t forget that and design your websites accordingly and you will not have dearth of customers.

With the advantage we have nowadays with the web development tools it has become relatively easy to integrate high resolution images and animated GIFs into web pages.

Though it may seem to be working to pull in the crowd it may not work for traffic conversion – this is something the Employee benefits Manchester found. When you pay high emphasis on graphics the attention of the customer is mainly drawn to them and the all important text content which would convey your message is grossly neglected. After insinuating all those images and videos you would hardly have any space left for putting your business message which tells what you are selling to customers and its features.

A clutter of images especially on a landing page would be a great deterrent so trimming down the number would greatly help to divert the customer attention to business. Overtly made up web pages with images would not be easy to navigate and not to say about the links that the customer has to negotiate. Keep them at minimum numbers so that you are effectively able to tell customers what you are there for and how your initiative would benefit them.

A mass of images and links would confuse the customers and their thought process would be badly hampered on what they are viewing due to the deluge of them. The point is that your website design should make customer look beyond images so that they know why there are there in the first place.